Traits of Truly Happy People

It seems like the human race is in constant pursuit of happiness. The enteral quest for happiness is one of the ages, and unfortunately, has no clear answer. With no definite guidelines to what makes someone “happy”, we have decided to compile our own list of the seven main attributes that most happy people have in common.

Truly Happy People Don’t Give A Flying F*** What Other’s think of them.

Putting so much time, and mental and emotional energy into caring what other people think of you is exhausting. Unfortunately, it’s a basic part of life that you will not like everyone—and not everyone will like you. Let it go, and happiness will follow. The people meant to be in your life will like you for who you are.

Stop Saying YES To Things You Really Want To Say NO to.

It’s just a two-syllable word, but it holds so much power. A lot of us are scared to say no to people, not wanting to be seen in an unfavorable light, or for fear of FOMO (fear of missing out). But happy folks are true enough to themselves to know what they want to do, and what they don’t want to do. They are not embarrassed to be their true selves, and just say no when they want to.

Enjoy Your Close Relationships, But Don’t Become Dependent on them

Because happy people are a natural management for others to be around, they generally enjoy closer relationships. Whether they are your best friends, lovers, or merely acquaintances, learn to enjoy your relationships without becoming dependent on them. At the end of the day, you need to know how to be your own person. Independent people are happy people.

Do Something You Love

The age-old expression “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” is so blissfully true. On the other hand, the meme which reads “Do something you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life….because that field probably isn’t hiring” is also a reality of 2017. So, weather you have your dream job, or are busting you’re a** on the way to get there, find what you love to do, and don’t stop until you’re doing it!

Travel. Enjoy the Outdoors. Explore.

While most of us are unable to spend our entire lives traveling, it is more accessible than ever for most of us in today’s day and age. Even if an annual vacation is off the table, take advantage of your weekends to get outside, exercise, and simply spend time in the great outdoors. Nature is nurturing, helps reset your mind, and expand your imagination.

The Only Givens in Life is Death and Taxes.

Stop worrying about the all too common “what if’s” and sleepless nights. No one knows what the future will hold, and stop trying so hard to figure it out. We can’t know what our destinations hold, but we can certainly enjoy the journeys.

Hindsight is 20/20, But the Future is 0/0. And that is the most exciting.

While many of us have a tendency to dwell on the past, this habit can quickly make us unhappy. Overanalyzing past occurrences, and making ourselves crazy over distant choices or mistakes leads nowhere. While self-reflection is important, don’t get too stuck in the past. Look towards the future, it is the happiest place to be.