This medically approved technology is all the new rave for those living with orthopedic pain

Long-awaited news for those living with orthopedic pain such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, joint pain, Achilles tendinitis and Fibromyalgia: A medically approved, non-invasive home-treatment device that relieves pain, treats the source of the problem and takes the cake while leaving all other treatments in the dust. Too good to be true? Hardly.

Chronic orthopedic pain can be a nightmare, making your daily routine hard to handle, as you are consumed with frustration and degenerative disposition, not only physically but also mentally. Aching body, anxiety, stiffness, insomnia, and physical immobility, piles of pain killers & medication which ruin your liver and might only generate a mild, temporary improvement. We find ourselves at a loss, passed on by one doctor’s appointment to another and never-ending physical therapy sessions, with no actual relief. 

According to various studies – 1/3 of the western world’s population suffers from chronic pain. In the United States, for example, approximately 50 million people suffer from partial or complete disability due to chronic pain, sending them right to the surgical department, or to undergo radiation, or to have their nerves decompressed. And these are just a few of the invasive treatments that leave patients with no other choice. In Canada for example, every 1 in 5 people suffers from chronic pain. The surprising thing here is that less than 1% of nation’s grants go to pain research, despite the fact that 35% of Canadians are categorized clinically depressed due to chronic pain.

The existing treatment options can have a detrimental effect on patients’ lives that revolve around pain, making them constantly dependent on physicians, as most of the treatments are only available in clinics and hospitals. Until now.

And now, for the twist in the plot

Until today, your treatment array was pretty clear – you had your doctors’ appointments, physiotherapy sessions, surgery, and a toxic variety of drugs. In recent years this field of medicine has experienced a technological breakthrough that presented a game changer: A worldwide patent therapy, approved by Health Canada, the Medical Devices Bureau – which is globally available and now in Canada also, making headlines all around.  This innovative technology offers a viable solution that enables you a home-use treatment, at any time and place, helping your body get back into health. This method of treatment is set to vanish your pain & reduce inflamed areas while implementing a safe and simple action, from the comfort of your own home. 

“In 5 cases we have treated pains in the joints of the hand. The improvement was nearly maximal.”
Ahuva Dermon
Chief Nurse

Meet B-Cure Laser: A non-invasive instrument that reduces pain significantly

B-Cure Laser is already a world-renowned patent that has been approved and assimilated in the medical community. This fact is based on increasing doctors’ recommendations and patients’ reports, testifying they owe their new-found lives to this scientifically effective technology. 

“I used the device to treat rheumatism, inflamed tendons, tennis elbow and back pain…I use it when the pain begins, and it usually disappears in several days…I am satisfied with it and recommend it to everyone.”
Mirko Iliyah

As a part of this device’s vast assimilation in the medical product market, multiple proven clinical trials and case studies were successfully confirmed, as they have generated high-quality, unambiguous results of remarkable improvement.

The B-cure laser device is designed according to LLLT – Low-Level Laser Therapy technology that is based on low-intensity light. It projects the Cold Laser beam on the skin surface and gently treats acute and painful conditions, wounds, injuries and even burns. The technological innovation is empowered by the fact that this device doesn’t heat up the area nor does it damage the skin. It is a portable, light-weight therapy device that enables a highly efficient home-treatment, allowing you to put down your medication aside and achieve lasting pain relief. Now you can use this accessible instrument being your own caretaker, applying it 6 minutes twice daily, while reducing pain right at home, catalyzing instant relief.

“…after 38 years of practicing chiropractic, I found out about this device which has shown to be effective, in both clinical trials and practical use. It is non-invasive and has no side-effects. As a practitioner who has dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible to get relief from pain and suffering, I strongly recommend the B-Cure Laser.”
Dr. Ed Shane

In conclusion, instead of wasting your time and money on unsuccessful treatments and expensive medication, the B-Cure Laser device offers you a sizable efficacy at the price of only $600. Now, getting yourself better doesn’t cost much, but it will in the future – if you don’t implement a pragmatic kind of treatment.