Soft Laser to the rescue: Regain your body’s mobility & rid yourself of chronic pain

Living with chronic orthopedic pain is no longer a lifelong verdict, as Soft Laser technology breaches hospital walls and becomes available for home use worldwide, and recently booming in Canada, providing hundreds of thousands with viable relief

“For the past 10 years or maybe even longer, I was suffering from a variety of orthopedic conditions and pain”, shares Mabel Moskal from Ontario. “I have been treated with physiotherapy and medication for medical problems such as neck tension and upper back kyphosis, lower back, shoulder, hip, leg and knee pain from a knee replacement, as well as arthritis in my hands and wrists. Physiotherapy was helping with the use of hands-on treatment and fascia blasting and exercises to do at home. While this helped it didn’t last for very long and the pain kept coming back.”

Mabel is definitely not alone in her dire situation. She’s a part of approximately 7 million people across Canada who suffer from chronic pain, meaning 20% of the population is affected and controlled by various orthopedic illnesses that have become a routine way of life: Not having the ability to function properly due to limited movement, having ongoing aches that prevent you from leaving the house and even getting out of bed, not being able to have quality time with family and friends because the pain is all you can think about, as life revolves around it. People are basically quitting their quality of life and manage a routine of putting out fires, going from one doctor’s appointment to the next, trying to find a viable solution that will promote long-term relief.

A constant need for a core solution

It’s not just about pain, as additional factors pile up as well. Common medical approaches such as prescription medication flood the market with hundreds of narcotics and pills. Canada today, along with the rest of the western world, is experiencing a serious opioid crisis, a phenomenon that inflicts devastating effects on families and communities (more than 12,000 opioid-related deaths occurred widely across the country between 2016-2019). Aside from the major addiction problem this behavior motivates, the main failure of pain-killing-type treatments is that they don’t actually solve the issue, and only offer a temporary solution that deals with the symptoms rather than the source of the problem.

And then came the shot in the dark

Modern-day medicine offers additional solutions such as long-awaited physiotherapy sessions which include painful exercises, costly injections of steroids or hyaluronic acid directly into the joints, expensive supplements, repetitive dressings, and of course surgical interference in acute situations. Having said that, the medical field constantly develops and tries to bring more effective treatment technologies that deal with chronic orthopedic pain, offering new and improved ways to solve the core problem, in an effort to free patients from drug dependency. One of the most standout treatments in recent years is the Soft Laser Technology, aca LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy). Although this type of treatment has been practiced in hospitals and designated clinics for the past 40 years, only now it has become available for home use.

What exactly is Soft Laser Treatment?

Also known as Cold Laser, the Soft Laser is low-power light energy that is applied to the skin and penetrates the tissues without any heating effect and without damaging the skin. Using the laser upon the painful area results in an increased release of endorphins, hormones responsible for pain relief. After treating the pain, the body is free to address the source of the pain. In most cases, the pain is caused by inflammation creating pressure on nerves. The laser encourages the production of anti-inflammatory enzymes, stimulates blood flow in the affected area, expands the lymph ducts and leads to effective drainage of the inflammation, as a natural healing process.

Once only in hospitals, today in every household

In recent years this technology has become available for home-care in Canada also, as one prominent product stands out among other products – the B-Cure Laser Device. This medically proven, Health Canada approved device – provides a non-invasive treatment you can apply at home only a few minutes a day. With no risk of side-effects or overuse (unlike drugs & injections), the B-Cure Laser’s advantages showcase a lightweight mobile device that offers a significant change in lifestyle, restores control of the treatment process to people, and reduces the cost burden of many other treatments.

“This technology has been scientifically proven as one of the most effective methods in the world for treating chronic & acute pain” | Jenine Saunders, Physiotherapy Therapist

Why choose the B-Cure Laser device over market competitors?

The main advantage B-Cure Laser has over its competitors is its double effect – relieves the pain and simultaneously heals its source. How? by penetrating the cell and increasing the ATP energy level, as well as anti-inflammatory activity. As opposed to B-cure Laser, most market devices only treat the pain symptoms, but don’t deal with the source of inflammation. The wide soft laser beam emitted from one Diode is perfectly suitable to treat the various above mentioned problems. 

The good energy distribution is spread over the entire large area of 4.5 and therefore is most effective and safe at the same time. As a result, there is no need for goggles. At this point there is no real competition – no other Laser device has similar breakthrough specifications and characteristics, which make it so effective, for so many indications, and at the same time this cost effective. Combining this effective LLLT with the ability to provide treatments initially in the clinic and later at home – enables faster, high-quality results.

This device is safe to use and is widely recommended by doctors and practitioners as a home-care therapy device, which should be a part of every medicine cabinet, fit to treat the whole family:

I have been using B-Cure Laser on patients for over 7 months and the success rate is simply amazing. Over 80% of my patients experienced a reduction in pain and improvement in mobility after consistent B-Cure Laser treatment. I can certainly say that it is a game changer in a lot of people's lives. My patients experienced a reduction in pain, increased range of movement, improvement in day-to-day function and reduction in use of anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications. The B-Cure Laser promotes the healing process with no side effects which gives it an advantage compared to other treatment methods.
Jenine Saunders
BSc. (Hons.) Physiotherapy Somatic Therapist

There’s no reason for you to continue to suffer from degenerative pain any longer, not when Soft Laser technology is available at your daily disposal.

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