Meet the most clinically proven medical device for treating knee & leg pain safely at home


Long-awaited news for those living with knee & leg pain, sore joint, hips, Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs & chronic inflammation: A medically approved, non-invasive home-therapy device that relieves pain & safely treats the source of the problem. Too good to be true? Hardly.

1/3 of the western world’s population suffers from chronic pain

Chronic knee & leg pain can be a nightmare, making your daily routine hard to handle. You know it too well: Aching body, frustration & degenerative disposition, anxiety, stiffness, insomnia, swelling & physical immobility, piles of pain killers & medication which ruin your liver and might only generate a mild, temporary relief. You find yourself at a loss, passed on by one doctor’s appointment to another, running around never-ending physical therapy sessions that consume your time and energy, with no long term relief.

According to various studies – 1/3 of the western world’s population suffers from chronic pain. In the U.S.A, for example, approximately 50 million people suffer from partial or complete disability due to chronic orthopedic pain, sending them right to the surgical department/radiation/ nerve decompression. And these are just a few of the invasive treatments that leave patients with no other choice.

In the U.S, approximately 50 million people suffer from partial or complete disability due to chronic pain

In Canada, for example, every 1 in 5 people suffers from chronic pain. The surprising thing here is that less than 1% of nation’s grants go to pain research, despite the fact that 35% of Canadians are categorized clinically depressed due to chronic orthopedic pain.

The existing treatment options have a detrimental effect on patients’ lives, making them constantly dependent on physicians, as most of the known treatments were only available in clinics and hospitals. Until now.

The home-care device that twists the plot

Until today, your treatment array was pretty clear – you had your doctors’ appointments, physiotherapy sessions, surgery, and a toxic variety of drugs. In recent years, this field of medicine has experienced a technological breakthrough that presented an innovative game changer: A worldwide patent therapy, approved by Health Canada, Medical Devices Bureau, making headlines all around. And as of now, it’s available in Canada as well.

This technology offers a viable solution that enables you a home-use treatment, helping your body get back into health. This method helps you neutralize your pain & reduce inflammations, while applying a safe and simple action, right from the comfort of your own home.

Meet B-Cure Laser: A non-invasive instrument that reduces pain significantly

B-Cure Laser is already a world-renowned patent that has been approved and assimilated in the global medical community. Multiple proven clinical trials and case studies were successfully confirmed, as they have generated high-quality results of significant improvement. 

In addition to that, many doctors and patients worldwide highly recommend this device, while testifying they owe their new-found lives to this scientifically effective technology.

Significant improvement results of pain reduction | The B-Cure Laser device

“I was injured many times during my soccer career. Pains, arthritis, infections, limited movement. I heard about the B-Cure laser device that was clinically proven effective in Italy, it has no side effects, and I can do the treatment anytime, everywhere. After a few days of home treatment on every aching part, the pain was remarkably relieved.”

The B-cure laser device is designed according to LLLT – Low-Level Laser Therapy technology that is based on low-intensity light. It projects the Cold Laser beam on the skin surface and gently invests the light-based energy into the inflammation, resulting in acute pain reduction, including wounds, injuries and even burns. 

An accessible instrument that performs as your own caretaker | B-Cure Laser device

The technological innovation is empowered by the fact that this device doesn’t heat up the area nor does it damage the skin. The Soft Laser increases the bloodstream around the infected area and motivates the natural cellular activity, leading the body to do its natural course by healing itself. It is a portable, light-weight, safe-to-use therapy device that enables a highly efficient home-care, including a wide-range laser diode for maximal surface coverage, allowing you to put down your medication aside and achieve lasting pain relief. 

Now you can use this accessible instrument as your own caretaker, applying it 6 minutes twice daily, while reducing pain right at home, catalyzing instant relief. Doctors recommend it to be a part of every family’s medicine cabinet ,as it improves patients’ quality of life, and includes no risk of overuse.

“…after 38 years of practicing chiropractic, I found out about this device which has shown to be effective, in both clinical trials and practical use. It is non-invasive and has no side-effects. As a practitioner who has dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible to get relief from pain and suffering, I strongly recommend the B-Cure Laser.”

You too don’t need to suffer from pains any longer, as B-Cure Laser provides you with a concrete medical solution, helping your body do its natural course and recover itself, in only minutes of self-treatment a day.

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