Learn About the Online Program That Will Save You From the Damages Caused by Smoking (and also has the added benefit of doing wonders for your face and skin!)

It got me in the morning. In the shower. In front of the mirror:

More and more wrinkles beneath the eyes, the teeth that were growing yellower and yellower…

…The amount of makeup I was putting on in order to hide the wrinkles. “Sweetheart, how did I get so old?” I asked my husband. “It’s not you,” he replied. “It’s the two boxes of cigarettes a day that is to blame.”

“If it wasn’t for that morning, I probably wouldn’t have stopped smoking while still alive,” says Lilach Dagan, a 33-year-old insurance agent from Rehovot and the mother of six-year-old twins.

“Today I have been without cigarettes for a year and two months. Given the nature of my work and my life, it was hard for me to even imagine myself without a cigarette. I thought that if I stopped smoking, I would quickly become fat, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate, I would no longer be able to enjoy alcohol. Just the thought of leaving the house without a box in my pocket frightened me.”

“Like every other woman knows,” Lilach continues, “I knew how bad smoking was, how harmful it was to me and my children – the decision to stop completely only came when I realized just how much the cigarettes were destroying my face and that I looked older than my age.”

Lilach had already tried to quit six times. “Using chewing gum, nicotine patches, herbal drinks…even a method which had me wearing a chain of ‘energy’ stones around my neck. In the end, I managed to stop smoking for good – and to my surprise, I did it without any ‘substitutes’ and without any lingering concerns.”

A year ago, when Lilach was on vacation in Miami, she watched an episode of the Oprah Winfrey talk show where she had just interviewed some American celebrities who were able to successfully quit smoking using the Allen Carr Online Program. She discovered that this is a simple and effective method that has ‘cured’ more than 30 million people worldwide; everyone who uses it says they simply don’t want to smoke anymore.

“At first I did not believe it,” says Lilach. “But I did some research and looked into it a little more deeply. I read more and more articles by doctors and therapists who specialize in various gimmicks and the conclusion of everyone was unequivocal – the Allen Carr Online Program is the recommended and most effective method for quitting smoking. Moreover, it is the only one without risks.”

Lilach contacted Rami Romanovsky, the official license holder in Israel for the Online Program – and she, like more than 30 million other people, stopped smoking within six hours. No nicotine replacements, no regrets.

“The story of Lilach is a common story,” Romanovsky tells us. “Although women are aware that smoking is harmful to their health, impairs fertility and increases the risk of heart attack – they only ‘wake up’ once they realize it makes them look older and destroys their facial skin and causes stains in their teeth. I hear dozens of such stories every day. Women come to me who smoke two or even three boxes a day. I’ve heard from women who had to use a catheter and even had cancer – and even that did not make them give up cigarettes.”

“When I explain to people that the whole process takes only six hours and that we do not give you and substitutes or medication, almost nobody believes me,” says Romanovsky. “But when people leave the meeting, not only do they stop smoking – all of them also become our ambassadors and introduce their family and friends to the program. We have a more than 90% success rate, and this is exactly why we are committed to refunding those who cannot stop smoking (except for an obligatory treatment fee). And by the way, all our instructors are former smokers who appreciated the effectiveness of the program and wanted to help other smokers like them stop.”

After millions of others have been helped around the world, Israelis have also been convinced that with the right guidance, everyone can quit smoking easily and comfortably. Again, those behind the Allen Carr Online Program are so confident, that they are committed to a refund (except for aforementioned treatment fee) if you don’t want to quit smoking after the program.

The Online Program is a ‘one-time’ workshop, without medication, without substitutes and without gimmicks. At the workshop, you will not be subjected to any fear-mongering or lectures about the damages caused by smoking – you’ll even be allowed to go for a cigarette break. The Allen Carr Online Program doesn’t force anyone to quit smoking, rather, it simply makes them realize successfully giving up stems solely from a genuine desire to stop.

How does it do this exactly? How did it help Lilach and hundreds of other heavy smokers in Israel to quit and not suffer, even for a moment? Ask them yourself, and they will be more than happy to answer.