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Daniel Minahan | June 30, 2022


As a former smoker, I get it. It may have been my choice to start smoking, but it wasn’t exactly
my choice to stop. Us smokers know it’s more than our willpower that’s stopping us. It’s the
nicotine. Nicotine is the most addictive substance in cigarettes- designed to hit our brains hard.
So stop beating yourself up about not being able to quit, and start focusing on the real culprit:

Let me explain why it’s not just you. Just like any brain-altering chemical, nicotine convinces our
minds it can’t function properly without it. For smokers, nicotine boosts our moods, relaxes us,
and gives us a sense of comfort and ease.

More than that, our daily activities like coffee breaks and dinners feel incomplete without a hit
of nicotine and irritability is noticeable when we can’t smoke. Like most, we feel lost and
fidgety without a cigarette in our hand and our days revolve around our smoke breaks. Let’s
face it: how many times have you done mental calculations until the next drag?

When we do try to quit, the withdrawal symptoms come fast and hard: loss of concentration,
sleep deprivation, headaches and cravings (sometimes literally itching for a smoke). For most
smokers like myself, these symptoms were unbearable and not worth quitting.

I wanted to quit, I really did. I hated being the ‘friend that smokes’. I knew smoking can and
does kill, but I truly felt like it wasn’t up to me anymore. I started blaming myself for even
picking up smoking in the first place. Why couldn’t I be one of those people who quit cold
turkey? Was my willpower really that weak? I mean, how could I want to quit smoking so badly
but not be able to do it?

I started to understand that with each drag I took, I was becoming more and more dependent
on a chemical designed to keep me addicted… and I hated myself for it. But how could I possibly
stop smoking when my brain was fighting something specifically created to make it feel good?
We all like to feel good, don’t we?

Once I accepted it was the nicotine that was actively preventing me from quitting smoking, and
not my lack of resolve, I changed my attitude. I found a way to control my nicotine intake and
therefore control my cravings. I wasn’t going to let the nicotine control me anymore. And I did
it all without having to give up smoking cold turkey and without even feeling guilty for smoking.
I knew that with every drag, I was one cigarette closer to quitting for good.

I normally don’t order products off the internet, but I was desperate… and I figured hey, sometimes the things you least expect to work are the ones that work the best.

So I tried it… and I’m incredibly glad I did. Because now, just six weeks later, I’ve completely quit smoking.

Next weekend, I will finally hold my granddaughter in my arms for the first time. It’s all thanks to NicoBloc – the easiest (and strangest) quitting method I’ve ever tried.

What is NicoBloc, exactly?

Simply drop NicoBloc on your cigarettes to reduce the amount of nicotine and tar you inhale from them. You choose the amount of nicotine to block, which allows you to gradually quit at your own pace.

NicoBloc is a new quit-smoking aid that helps you quit nicotine before you quit smoking.

It comes in a liquid formula that you apply directly to your cigarette filters before you smoke. The NicoBloc liquid blocks tar and nicotine, help prevent them from entering your lungs.

A single drop of NicoBloc blocks up to 33% of tar and nicotine, while three drops block the tar and nicotine content by 99%. You start with one drop during the first week, then add more when you feel ready to take the next step.

This method has two main benefits:

  1. It significantly reduces the stressful withdrawal symptoms that cause so many of us to fail
  2. It allows you to quit smoking gradually instead of cold-turkey. You simply keep on smoking as usual, but NicoBloc slowly reduces your addiction to nicotine – so when you’re ready to quit smoking for good, it’s shockingly easy.

In addition, NicoBloc is a self-applied formula, giving you complete control of how you wean yourself off nicotine. For the first two weeks using NicoBloc, I only applied a single drop. Then, when I felt ready, I moved up to two drops, and finally three.

Placing myself in the driver’s seat gave me the confidence and peace of mind that this was my journey, and I could move at my own speed. Whenever I tried to quit cold turkey in the past, I felt completely out of control, biting my nails and eating everything in sight. Using NicoBloc, I controlled the pace of quitting nicotine – until I realized I no longer needed it.

Why does NicoBloc work so well? What makes it better than other quit-smoking methods?

At first, I really didn’t think NicoBloc would work. But now that I’ve used it successfully, the method actually makes a lot of sense.

Unlike gum, patches, and other techniques, NicoBloc doesn’t substitute one bad habit for another. Instead, it fights addiction from all sides.

If you’re a lifelong smoker (like I was), you know that smoking isn’t just chemical dependency — it’s a social, mental, and behavioral addiction that impacts your entire life. And that’s one of the reasons why NicoBloc works so well.

Here’s what it feels like to quit with NicoBloc

Quitting with NicoBloc is strange – you basically “quit before you know it”.

It’s hard to describe… and honestly, it sounds unbelievable to someone who’s tried to quit before. But it really is a different approach, it really is easy, and it really works.

The first thing you’ll notice is that NicoBloc doesn’t change the taste of your cigarette. Everything feels normal, which is weird because you’re expecting something unpleasant. Quitting is supposed to be difficult and frustrating, right?! Not with NicoBloc.

Then you’ll start to notice that it’s been longer than usual since your last cigarette… so you go out and smoke, which satisfies your craving.

This is where the magic happens. Over time, these “gaps” between cigarettes get longer and longer. You simply crave less and less, which naturally makes you smoke less. It’s like quitting automatically!

After a week or two, you’ll start to feel like you can actually breathe again. (You’ll also start to finally realize how NASTY ashtrays smell!)

Around week 3, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to delay your morning smoke. This starts a “domino effect” – since you can easily avoid smoking in the morning now, you can also space out the rest of your cigarettes more easily… meaning you smoke less naturally.

At this point, it’s your choice when you finally throw out that pack. Personally, I quit after 6 weeks – I was already down to one a day (which was more symbolic than anything).

Then it came time to throw my pack in the trash – while there were still cigarettes in it (unthinkable just a few weeks prior!).

I have never felt more powerful as a person than I did at that moment.

That’s when I realized: I thought I quit because I wanted to hold my granddaughter. But I really quit because I care about myself. I just needed the right help. For me, NicoBloc was it.

Is NicoBloc right for you?

If you’ve tried and failed to quit smoking over and over again, you have to try NicoBloc.

Trust me, I get it! Some reports state that quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin2. It’s put up a literal smokescreen between you and everyone you love, and yet you still can’t kick the habit.

If you have tried every product and are on the verge of giving up, please try NicoBloc. I’m far from the only success story – in a number of clinical trials, 58% of people who used NicoBloc successfully quit smoking, and others reduced their cigarette consumption by up to 77%.

Do you know how this compares to other products? Every year, over half (55%) of smokers try to put down their cigarettes for good, yet only about 5% succeed. This means that using NicoBloc can increase your chances of quitting by 10 times!

Put down your cigarettes for good with NicoBloc

If you’re trying to quit smoking, I’m begging you to try NicoBloc. I know it can be frustrating to try yet another product, but trust me – this is unlike any patch or step-by-step program you’ve attempted before. Honestly, my only regret is that I didn’t try NicoBloc earlier – I could have held my grandchild the first day she was born!

NicoBloc is unlike other products because you control the pace in which you quit. Over time, you can gradually cut nicotine and tar out of your system… and before you know it, you’ll be ready to toss out your cigarettes forever.

Don’t waste another minute being isolated by your friends and loved ones by a cloud of smoke. Try NicoBloc today!

Put down your cigarettes for good with NicoBloc


Wow! This has quickly become one of our most popular articles – apparently, a lot of you were able to try NicoBloc and found success. That’s great!

In fact, so many of you tried it after reading this article that the folks at NicoBloc reached out to us. They want to support as many people quitting as possible… so anyone who reads this article is eligible for a special deal from NicoBloc!

For a limited time, you can get 2 FREE bottles of NicoBloc when you buy 3 simply by using the link below! Keep them for yourself, or offer it to a friend who is also trying to kick the smoking habit.

It’s time to get your life back and put down your cigarettes forever. Try NicoBloc today!

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