Importance of Being Healthy

It is everyone’s dream to maintain a healthy body, but the effort one should put on it is colossal. Regulations and daily practices includes balance between exercise, nutrition and sleep helps to keep us fit and healthy. Although the process may be difficult and the practices may seem difficult to adapt, the consequences of a healthy live leads to happy life.


The importance of diet is most essential to maintain a healthy life style. According to the Food Standards Agency, a healthy diet for most people consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, lean proteins and some low fat or nonfat dairy products. Improper diet plan helps to gain weight and increases fatigue as well.


Proper and regular exercise helps in reduction of heart disease. Regular exercise of 1-2 hours is enough to burn the unnecessary fat and calories. Exercise should be followed by strict diet plan. There should be balance in between exercise and diet. Moreover, exercise not only keeps us physically fit but mentally healthy as well.


Sleep plays an important role for healthy body. Regular 8-10 hours of sleep is essential for both adult and children. Sleep helps to restore body and heals the minor damages. Deficiency in sleep can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Following lists shows the benefits of being healthy.

Disease Prevention

By choosing proper nutritious diet and regular exercise we can prevent the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and other illness. So by following the strict diet plan and regular exercise much health related problems can be prevented.
Injury Prevention
Living a healthy life means getting rid of injury as well. Using proper weight lifting technique can help to prevent back injuries which can be a major problem in coming years. Living a good and healthy life also means to use proper safety gears and instructions.

Increased Energy

Changing dietary plan and eating healthy food are not about losing weight but having more energy and remaining healthy. Healthy food boosts our energy levels as well as keeps us refreshed and energetic. Additionally, regular exercise also plays a indispensable role to increase energy and reduce fatigue.
Healthy weight
Everyone wants to maintain a normal weight. However, it is not everyone cup of tea. One should follow strict diet chart and burn the calories by doing exercises. However, one should also quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and eat balanced diet for healthy weight. By maintain healthy weight also reduces the risk of heart disease and improve overall health.

Good Mental Health

Regular exercise, proper diet and normal sleep not only help to maintain physical health but also mental health as well. Exercise help to sharpen memory, stabilize mood and cope against depression.