How to end the pandemic and prepare for the next

When is a pandemic over? Well, all things must come to an end, or must they? As it approaches the end of itls second year, the pressing question is, when will thie Codvid 19 pandemic end?

Maria Van Kerkhove, The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tech Lead on Covid 19 is looking at just that.
How fast can we bring an end this nightmare and return to some form of normality? Is that even an option? And perhaps more importantly, what have we learned over the past couple of years? And can we take this newfound

knowledge and experience and better prepare for the next emerging pathagen, whenever it may arise.

In this video, Kerkove talks with TED current affairs curator Whitney Pennignton Rodgers about the Omicron variant and shares what, in her opinion, we can do to speed up the demise of Covid 19.
She also provides interesting insights into a new “pandemic Preparedness {Protocol being developed by the WHO. IN the meantime, she stresses that it is in many ways up to us and how we behave.
Kerkhove tells us to “Remain vigilant” and understand that “everything you do will either get us closer to ending this pandemic, or it will prolong it”.
Now that surely is the case, however pandemic exhaustion is playing an increasing factor in public behavior, where even the most convinced citizens are beginning to question the seemingly endless restrictions on everyday freedoms, desperately anxious to get on with their lives.
For many yet again Christmas has been ruined by travel bans and renewed restrictions.
Then there are the “anti vaxxers” looking at the situation with a kind of “told you so” attitude.
In her talk, Kerkhove provides valuable insight from the front lines of the fight against Covid 19.

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