From living with chronic pain to claiming your wellbeing back: Does the B-Cure soft laser home therapy device really work?

As the talked-about B-Cure Soft Laser home therapy device has arrived in Canada, results don’t leave much room for skepticism. We sat down with 3 users who shared their experience with us. This is what they had to say

“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 42. Surgeons suggested that I have immediate hip surgery to alleviate the damage and pain being caused by my condition. The pain was in the back of the hip that radiates to my legs, exacerbated through activities of daily living…I was highly involved in sports from a young age and played professionally. I retired in my early 30’s and continued to have a recreational sports regimen as part of my daily and ongoing life. I was receiving conventional treatments from a physiotherapist to help alleviate and manage my pain but felt that what was being done was not helping me continue my everyday activities”, says Mike Dagostino, former professional football player from Sudbury, Ontario.

Mike is far from being the only one to be disappointed with the existing conventional treatments available in the orthopedic medical field. These might generate a mild, temporary relief, but the core problem keeps reoccurring in the form of inflammation. From then on, The path to additional invasive treatments such as injections, painful physical therapy, and even surgery – becomes short. Adding the long-awaited doctors’ appointments, damaged overall well-being while living an ongoing painful routine, and accepting this situation as a given.

Mabel Moskal from Ontario joins the situation: “For the past 10 years or maybe even longer I was suffering from a variety of orthopedic conditions and pain. I have been treated with physiotherapy and medication for medical problems such as neck tension and upper back kyphosis, lower back, shoulder, hip, leg and knee pain from a knee replacement as well as arthritis in my hands and wrists. Physiotherapy was helping with the use of hands during treatment and fascia blasting and exercises to do at home. While this helped it didn’t last for very long and the pain kept coming back.”

Karen Van Der Heyden, living in Hanmer, Ontario, also shares: “I had experienced 8 years of pain and numbness and tingling sensations along my right leg. At birth, I had a congenital right hip dislocation and about 8 years ago I also developed right hip pain during pregnancy, an MRI showed right hip CAM impingement. About 2 years ago I was in a car accident and sustained whiplash. I had constant hip pain and continued tightness in my mid/upper back. I have tried to treat the pain with acupuncture, physiotherapy – specifically intramuscular stimulation, osteopathy, chiropractic care and massage therapy, but my pain kept coming back, time after time”.

The turning point

Then, they were acquainted with the B-Cure Soft Laser device, which has recently arrived in Canada. It didn’t just pop-out if nothing. In the last few years, Soft Laser (aka Cold Laser) technology has become available for home use, taking it outside the exclusivity of hospitals and clinics. This medically proven, Health Canada-approved device, provides a non-invasive treatment you can apply at home, only minutes a day.

With no risk of side-effects or overuse (unlike drugs & injections), the B-Cure Laser’s advantages showcase a lightweight mobile device that offers a significant change in lifestyle, restores control over the body, and reduces the cost/time burden of many other treatments. This safe-to-use home therapy device’s main function works both on stopping the pain and healing its source, without having to rely on painkillers or other addictive medication.

What did Mike, Mabel and Karen had to say about their experience with B-Cure Laser?

The device is portable, convenient, effective, and self-administrative. It has allowed me to maintain my level of activity with my children and in the physical work environment that I have. I am grateful that I was introduced to this product and will definitely keep using it for not only the conditions I have but conditions that will arise in the future. I recommend the B-Cure Laser to others who have been suffering from chronic or ongoing conditions. Especially those who have tried conventional treatments, and are unable to relieve pain or provide long term results.

A few months ago, my therapist suggested I start using the B-Cure Laser device at home. I started using the device on each area for 8 minutes. After about 15 minutes of treatment, I started feeling pain relief and easier movement following the treatment. The relief was quick and longer-lasting. My upper back is less rounded now and my posture has improved, and I have less arm pain. I have had a knee replacement and the laser has helped relieve the postoperative pain and has allowed me to do the exercises to regain the strength and stretch in my leg. While I likely will have continued neck and back pain as a senior, the laser treatments have helped very much in increasing the periods without as much pain. I am able to walk better and for longer with less limping and pain. Also have less neck, shoulder and arm pain. Activities of daily living are less tiring and painful. I can honestly recommend the B-Cure Laser to anyone who suffers from pain.

I heard about a medical device that has already known to be very effective and that is approved by Health Canada called the B-Cure Laser. I have started using the device at home and after a few days I already felt pain relief, however, after 2 months of regular use, I noticed a significant reduction in my pain that has continued. The B-Cure Laser reduced the pain and discomfort in my hips and legs. Pain relief made me happier, and less aggravated as both a person and a mom. I was actually able to enjoy this past summer and make the most of the outdoors with my kids with fewer flare-ups. After my successful experience, I even started treating my son with the B-Cure Laser who had experienced tight muscles as a result of his condition called torticollis tight sternocleidomastoid muscle, since he was a baby. The greatest advantage of the device is that I can use it from the comfort of my own home which makes treatment sustainable. I recommend the device to others who experience chronic pain and have exhausted other treatment modalities.

How does Soft Laser technology actually work?

Soft Laser is low-power light energy that is applied to the skin and penetrates the tissues without any heating effect and without damaging the skin. Using the laser on the source of the pain results in an increased release of endorphins, hormones responsible for pain relief. After treating the pain, the causes of pain can be addressed. In most cases, the pain is caused by inflammation creating pressure on nerves. The laser encourages the production of anti-inflammatory enzymes, stimulates blood flow in the affected area, expands the lymph ducts and leads to effective drainage of the inflammation, as a natural healing process.

Mike, Mabel and Karen are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of users who experienced a significant improvement, relieving pain and getting back to fluent mobility – with the daily use of the B-Cure Laser device.

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