New Hope for People with Diabetes Through Breakthrough Research from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science

Breakthrough Research from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science Brings New Hope for People with Diabetes

There’s no doubt that one of life’s biggest challenges is living with diabetes. An estimated 25.8 million people in the U.S. have diabetes – about 8.3 percent of the population. However, breakthrough research led by scientists from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science is now being hailed around the world as the “big bang” moment in helping manage the disease while putting an end to generic diets. If you too are a person living with diabetes or prediabetes, read on to learn about the latest blue-and-white scientific breakthrough that can, simply put, change your life.

37-year-old Karen D. from New York, explains what it’s like living with the disease in her family. “Diabetes is like an extra member of our family. There are three generations diabetics on both sides of my family – I feel like it’s just a matter of time before I am diagnosed, despite eating healthy, including a special diet from my doctor.”

Dr. Mariela Glandt, an endocrinologist from the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care, says that Karen is right to be anxious. “If Karen carries on taking generic nutritional advice, there is a very strong chance that she will also receive a diagnosis of diabetes which will be impossible to reverse.”

Managing diabetes: the times have changed

Which is more likely to raise blood sugar levels: sushi or ice cream? In yesterday’s world, food that was considered healthy was perceived as being healthy for everyone. But times have changed.

"In yesterday’s world, food that was considered healthy was perceived as being healthy for everyone"

The international scientific and medical community has recently been abuzz with yet another groundbreaking discovery in the field of diabetes originating from research conducted by, who else, but two Israeli professors, Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav, from Israel’s Weizmann Institute.

The study, which is being validated by the Mayo Clinic, has finally proved that people react differently to the same food or food combination. Also, that the best way to keep a balanced level of blood sugar, maintain wellness and avoid the development of disease is to create personalized nutrition based on our individual gut bacteria along with other parameters such as sleep, exercise, antibiotics use and, most important, diet.

“I have Type 2 Diabetes and was obese and was really surprised when I received my results. Within 4 months of using the recommendations, my HbA1c went down from 8.9 to 4.7 and I lost 20 pounds.” (Name withheld per request)

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Forget everything you know about a ‘healthy’ diet

These professors from the Weizmann Institute, who hail from a nation of innovators, found that the food we put into our body meets our own unique gut bacteria, in return affecting our own level of blood sugar, with results varying from person to person. Or, in plain English – what’s healthy for others may not be healthy for you. Who would have thought that eating a breakfast consisting of whole grain bread with low-fat cottage cheese and fruit isn’t necessarily what your body needs? On the contrary, the study shows that eating a ‘healthy’ breakfast could in fact raise your blood sugar levels. And those chocolate croissants you love so much? They could actually be good for you.

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“I was dangerously close to becoming diabetic and I feel like I’ve stumbled into a whole new world! I’ve lost all the intense cravings for foods that were raising my blood sugar and I feel happier and have more energy.”
Kathy O.

Discovering the deepest secret in our bodies

Lihi Segal is the CEO of DayTwo, the Israeli startup company that took the revolutionary findings of the Weizmann Institute one step further: “We developed the ultimate method to discover the deepest secret in our bodies – personalized nutrition. We took science and technology and developed a verified testing kit backed by a personalized nutrition app which can predict blood glucose response to any food, then translate your unique microbiome into innovative personalized actionable nutritional insights, all while maintaining normalized blood sugar levels. This unprecedented method allows us to discover surprisingly popular food possibilities, all while living a better life with smarter nutritional and activity choices.”

“I am really enjoying Daytwo, especially in combination with intuitive eating. I am amazed at how in just a few days, I am already more satisfied and energetic.”
Pnina B.

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The app provides you with tailored food recommendations aimed at balancing your blood sugar levels, including thousands of popular square meals and popular snacks to choose from.

"The app provides you with tailored food recommendations"

About DayTwo

It’s essential to understand what your body needs and to plan accordingly, as high blood sugar is linked to energy dips, excessive hunger, weight gain and increased risk of obesity and diabetes.

Based on a five-year clinical research conducted by Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, DayTwo provides a globally embraced personalized nutrition plan and actionable insights that allow you to live healthier and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

“Since I started working with your Personalized Nutrition Recommendations I feel a lot better, my sleep has improved, I don’t feel hungry or fatigued and my health problems have completely disappeared or greatly improved.”
Talya M.

DayTwo’s actionable health solutions are 100% evidence-based and backed by the leading microbiome scientists, researchers and institutions in the world focused on health, diet and nutrition. DayTwo actively conducts clinicial trials with health and medical science leader Mayo Clinic and our scientists’ research has been featured in notable international publications including The Cell, Cell Metabolism, and Nature Research, in addition to global media outlets including The Washington Post, Forbes, CBS, CNN, Time and The New York Times.

DayTwo’s clinical breakthrough benefits people with diabetes and prediabetes, those with other metabolic disorders, and anyone looking to make healthier choices, experience positive health outcomes, and live full and productive lives.

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*DayTwo currently supports insulin-free type 2 diabetics and people over the age of 18.