Stop smoking without having to stop smoking- Is there even such a thing?

The revolutionary new method that will help you quit smoking—while you still smoke.

When Allen Carr, the man responsible for helping millions of people around the world quit smoking, was asked what the hardest part of try to quit was, he answered with quite an interesting reply:

“For heavy smokers, nothing helps them cope more with difficult moments in life than cigarette smoking, so for me, the hardest part of detoxing is that you can’t smoke during the process.” While this might sound counterintuitive, it is actually a wonderfully effective method as outlined in Carr’s best – selling book “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking”.

"the hardest part of detoxing is that you can’t smoke during the process"

Whether participants opt to stop smoking with the help of Carr’s book, or through his effective six-hour seminar, participants continue smoking until the moment they decide they simply no longer want that cigarette dangling between their fingers. After all, this is real life, not Mad Men.

This revolutionary approach of allowing participants to continue smoking well into the program, choosing their own moment in which they feel comfortable to quit, has turned the world of quitting smoking on its head, while helping millions of people across the globe easily and comfortably kick the addiction.

Alan Carr’s method, which has a striking 90% success rate, has attracted the attention of big name celebs. A-listers like Ellen DeGeneres, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Lou Reed, Anjelica Huston, and many, many, more have used Carr’s method to extinguish the addiction over the years.

Although Carr’s method has been described as one as the most easy and effective methods of quitting, the success is not taken for granted for the folks at Allen Carr, who continue to take their duty helping people become smoke-free as monumental as it gets.

Carr’s team see their duty as a serious mission, and their efforts in rehabbing their participants, simply lifesaving work.

 “Over the years, we have improved our system to the point where we feel we have reached the maximum, we now have more than 90% success, and we can say with certainty that almost everyone who goes to one of our seminars will quit smoking easily and without suffering any withdrawal symptoms” says Mr. Romanovsky, a senior therapist at one of 150 Allen Carr’s Easyway center clinics around the globe.

“Every day, we get hundreds of responses from people around the world who are surprised to find out how easy it is to quit smoking and just do not want to smoke anymore. You cannot imagine the feeling of being able to save another person from a serious illness or death following the damage caused by smoking” continued Mr. Romanovsky.

“With so much success, we have turned our efforts to expansion, while tackling the question of how to get more people exposed to our method so we can save more lives?”

Mr. Romanovsky, a senior therapist at one of 150 Allen Carr's Easyway center clinics

So how do you motivate more smokers to believe that they can free themselves from the nicotine addiction?

“Studies that were conducted over the past few years have shown that for every smoker who decides to quit, there is a least one who remain slave to their addictions, not believing that they hold the power to quit. The reasons for the lack of attempts at quitting are varied, but most stem from the deeply embedded notion in smokers that quitting is impossible—an idea that is completely false”.

Mr. Romanovsky goes on to explain the word “impossible” is usually anchored in two main perceptions. The 2 main reasons that prevent 50% of the smokers from quit smoking are:

  1. Smokers do not like being forced to end the sometimes life-long habit cold turkey by seminars and other anti-smoking initiatives. They want to do it at their own pace, choosing the time that feels right for them to quit.
  2. Financial barriers. Jaded by the influx of ‘quit smoking’ campaigns and gimmicks, many smokers, even those who have the desire to quit, have become skeptical of anti-smoking programs. Many are hesitant to pay even a small fee in exchange for empty grandiose promises. Regardless of whether or not they are backed up by friends’ recommendations, testimonials, and quantifiable results.

“As a former smoker myself, I can certainly understand these two significant barriers. Most smokers have tried several methods in their lives and spent quite a bit of money on promises and programs that ultimately did not work. All the failed attempts at quitting have made those who have tried and failed feel that they are beyond help, simply unable to ever quit because they are “too addicted”.

What have you done with these conclusions?

For these reasons exactly, we recently launched the online version of the program. The online program is based on a number of short videos, and allows you to smoke as much as you need during the program. 

With the online program you can drop the addiction at your own pace, and in an environment that comfortable for you!

Another factor that makes the online program so effective is the payment method called FTTP, which is short for First Try Then Pay. This payment method allows participants to go through nearly half the online program, totally free of charge, with zero obligation. Only after watching a bulk of the videos, the participants can chose to decide to continue with the second half of the program for an additional fee.

This method helps those hoping to quit to become thoroughly familiar

with our method without committing to anything.”

For those heavy smokers in the crowd, who do not believe there is ever hope for quitting, you now have the ability to test Allen Carr’s method for free, deciding whether to continue or not only after understanding the method and strategy. For all those who are still skeptical, get this; unlike other services in which the customer is asked to give a credit card in order to active the free products, participants for these videos are asked for zero credit card information in order to watch the free videos– no obligations or hidden catches!

Now that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, click here to sign up today and take the first effortless steps in gradually kicking the addiction to nicotine. With Allen Carr, you have all the tools to rise from the ashes, and embark on a healthier you today.